Michael & Lucky

We met Michael and his orange tabby, Lucky several years ago, and even back then, they were very visible in the homeless community. Everyone seemed to know about Lucky the Cat. “I’ve had Lucky six years, since he was a kitten,” said Michael. “There were these two construction workers taking bets on a pair of kittens that were in the road, which one was going to get killed first. I yelled at them, because they’re God’s creatures, you know? Then Lucky’s sister got squished, and Lucky got hit and I thought he was dead and I was walking away, but then I hear this ‘mew! mew!’ and I go back and he’s alive, but his eye got knocked out! He was so small he fit in my shirt pocket. But he stayed with me—his safe space is up on my shoulders.”

Michael is frank about Lucky’s influence on his mental health. “He keeps me stable. He’s my service cat. Where he goes, I go, and he keeps me motivated.” Michael can’t go everywhere with Lucky, unfortunately—including the homeless shelters during the winter months. “They will sometimes let dogs, but they won’t let cats,” he tells me, “so we slept out all last winter.”

UPDATE: Michael and Lucky were able to qualify for housing and are now living in their own apartment. We still get to see them from time to time and are happy they are finally under a roof they can call home.