Jim & Dottie

We have been helping out a gentleman named Jim, and his sweet border collie, Dottie. Jim first spotted Dottie tied to a gate in a neighbor's front yard in West Valley, with little space to move. After a month went by, and feeling sorry for the dog, Jim decided to approach his neighbor about the situation, hoping his neighbor would relinquish the dog to him. "He said the dog was 'dumb and ugly' and that I could take her," Jim said, "So I did." Dottie was probably about 1-2 years old at the time she became part of Jim’s life.

Jim's brother invited him to move Rock Springs, WY to work in his brother's restaurant, so Jim, his wife, and Dottie took a chance and moved there. Unfortunately, when the economy turned south in Rock Springs, the restaurant suffered as well, and Jim found himself without a job. Pursuing a job lead, the family headed to San Francisco, but after a week, the family decided it wasn't for them. So they recently headed back to Salt Lake City, hoping they could start again fresh here.

At the moment, Jim, his wife, and Dottie are experiencing homelessness and live in a park in Salt Lake City. But good news! Jim recently accepted a job offer at a restaurant and is trying to save money to move into an apartment when the time is right. In the meantime, we assist by providing Dottie with nutritious food, treats, toys, and other pet supplies.

When I asked Jim about what Dottie means to him, he said, "Everything." He said Dottie shows unconditional love and encourages the family to move forward. Dottie once spotted someone from a distance who was crying in the streets, and dragged Jim over so that Dottie could sit with her. Dottie faced this crying woman and nudged her to start petting. After a while, the woman started petting and stopped crying, and the pair moved on.

Dottie is now about 9 years old, and has been with Jim through thick and thin. We met Dottie and Jim through the Street Dawg Crew, and see them on a regular basis. Dottie likes the wet dog food we provide, and she absolutely loves to play fetch with us, just like your typical border collie. We spend a good amount of time playing and loving on Dottie when we see her! In fact, it’s fair to say that we probably get as much out of our interaction as Jim and Dottie. We've also outfitted Dottie with a sturdy purple harness that provides Jim freedom and peace of mind.