About Us

Our Three-Fold Mission:

To serve the pets and pet owners of the homeless community and other vulnerable and low-income populations by:

• Providing pet food, supplies, and medical care

• Promoting positive and responsible pet ownership (including spay and neuter)

• Identifying and providing pet owners useful information on low-cost pet resources

Our Programs

Weekly Pet Outreach Program & Community Partnerships

Every Sunday at 12:00 noon, our small band of committed volunteers gathers at Pioneer Park in downtown Salt Lake City, UT to perform our weekly pet outreach. There, we provide pet food and a myriad of pet supplies such as kitty litter, collars, leashes, collapsible bowls, pet toys, and pet coats/jackets for the winter months. As an extension of our weekly Pet Outreach Program, we also provide pet food and supplies to other vulnerable and low-income populations, including former homeless individuals who have transitioned into housing, as well as low-income veterans, domestic violence survivors, and seniors (through the Meals on Wheels program).

Vaccination Clinics

Every year, we partner with local veterinarian clinics to provide free vaccination clinics for homeless and low-income clients. Last year, 120 dogs and cats were vaccinated through our clinics. We are happy to provide these life-saving clinics for our clients, which keep their pets safe and healthy.

Other Medical Needs

We believe in responsible pet ownership, and have teamed up with Humane Society of Utah and Salt Lake County Animal Services to cover expenses for spay/neuter and other medical procedures. In particular, spay/neuter is typically a requirement for transitional housing, so we know getting these services done in advance also helps in the long run. Please contact us if you are in need of a spay/neuter voucher.

When possible, we try to help our clients defray the cost of veterinary visits for emergency procedures. A great resource for medical assistance is the Pet Samaritan Fund which provides financial assistance to individuals unable to afford medical care for their pet(s). If you or someone you know has a pet not receiving proper medical care due to extreme financial hardship, please contact them directly.